Sunday, June 17, 2007

mystery stole

I am quite excited I am joining in with the mystery stole by Pink Lemon Twistthe theme this year is black and white, but I am not a black and white kinda girl so I am tempted with a solid colour and turquoise is screaming at me.

I have a load of undyed laceweight BFL. I may just have to start it in undyed and maybe dye it once it is finished. there is a beaded option, but I think I may give them a miss, mainly because the boys love beads and would hate for them to get a hold of a few and eat them.

I have almost finished the woolfest dyeing, still a lot of labelling and a few notices to be made, but we are getting there. I do still have about 8 hanks of Alpaca BFL left so if anybody does want some please e-mail me, it is priced at £10 a hank plus postage.


Christina said...

turquoise would be gorgeous. In fact, I was thinking of that myself, so good minds think alike!!

Anni said...

I'm trying to decide which colour to use for the Mystery Stole too. I've got a load of Merino Lace coming any day now so I may dye some especially. turquoise sounds gorgeous.