Friday, January 19, 2007

dish cloth swap

I wish I could put up a picture, but my dish cloth for the swap on the crafty yarns and threads forum has been sent off today. I will post a pic as soon as my swapee guesses who sent it. I was never really inspired at the thought of knitting dish cloths, but after knitting this one I can see me making quite a few more.

on the dyeing front I had 2 custom lace orders, the first I really love and am considering making it one of my colourways, the second one just screams at me to knit the fibretrends shoalwater shawl with it.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

almost solid

I am so in love with this lace yarn, the almost solids really show off the stitch patterns perfectly but also have that hand dyed quality that gives the yarns a different look to commercial ones

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

lace club open

I have entered into the world of yarn clubs, the first one is a lace club running for three months. each month the member will recieve 100g ( 1200 metres ) of hand dyed lace weight blue faced leicester yarn, in solid and varigated colours. here is some I snuffled for myself
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I have cast on already ( I mean how on earth could I resist ) for the creatures of the reef shawl by fiddlesticks, it is a top down pattern which appeals to me, the casting on of 437 however a little daunting went quite well, I am a full 4 rows in, only 218 to go.

also fresh out of the dye pot is 3 skeins of goth pink opal yarn for a certain Murdo

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intro to the world of blogging

well after a while debating I am finally here, I read so many blogs and get engrossed in them so I thought really I should have one.

The blog will be a knitting and dyeing blog. the knitting is my hobby and the dyeing is for my shop

more about me first. I am a work at home mum to 2 beautiful boys Sam and Jack, Married for 9 years now to the ever patient Mersh ( although I believe he was christened Stephen ).