Monday, March 26, 2007

7 parks walk

A few of us from my local Childrens Centre decided that we would take part in the 7 parks walk around Preston yesterday. It takes in the biggest 7 parks and covers 13 miles. We collected some sponsermoney for the Baby Beat appeal for our maternity hospital

Here we are at the start
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looking all refreshed and raring to go

this one is about 10 miles in and is on the docklands
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Miller Park about half a mile away from the end, it really is a lovely park and it is where we had out wedding pictures taken
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and of course at the end well worn out and ready for a good radox bath
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with a very big thanks to the Crafty yarns and threads ladies and Mershys work friends we raised about £60, I will let you know the full total when we have all combined our totals.

pictures of the plot and socks

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I have to thank my grandparents for a lot of the hard work, they have been fantastic this last year or two whilst the kids were too young for me to spend too long down there. we had another great planting spree over the weekend with asparagus going in, as well as peas, purple sprouting brocolli. The spuds will go in as soon as I am sure the last frost has passed.

These are finished just in time for my 7 parks walk on Sunday
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they are artesano alpaca humming bird, 6ply, they are really soft and lovely, a real treat for my feet

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

allotment dreams

it is that time of year again when I get all vegged out, I spend my days wondering what I can grow this year at the allotment, how can I win the war against the demon rabbits and slugs. The boys are very interested this year and insist on throwing seeds all over the place and whilst my back was turned they dug up my freshly moved strawberry plants.

I have just bought 2 new blackcurrant bushes and another goosegog bush. I will take my camera down next time and show all how pretty it is looking especially as now my shed is the right way around again ( it suffered considerably in the bad winds a few weeks ago and landed on its roof )

Knitting is painfully slow, I must finish my dk alpaca socks for Sunday, the shawl has increased 1 full row.
I have however just spent a long time winding 2kgs of wool into balls for a good friend.

my mind is also turning to woolfest more and more, the plan is to dye 25 kilos I am about 6 down now, I just don't know where time goes.

Friday, March 16, 2007

all wound up ready to go

I am really pleased with this lot, keep an eye out for it.
after a trip to lidl yesterday I bought a load of yarn to have a go at IVY from
I am a bit nervous really as I have not yet completed a wearable item for me other than socks and hats, but as the yarn was an absolute bargain I have to try.

Friday, March 09, 2007

I love a sunny day. I have 25kgs of blue faced leicester yarn delivered yesterday and here is a good few kilos of the laceweight yarn shining beautifully in the glorious lancashire sun before it takes a journey down south, well anywhere south of Wigan is south to me.
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I have closed the lace club now and will open another later in the year.

But the sock yarn club will be raring to go as of Saturday night 6pm 9th of March, I can only do 12 places as I have a ton of work to do and don't want to stretch myself, I want to put a lot of love and care into my sock club and will be including a little special something with every hank of yarn, so grab your places, the cost will be 30 pound ( I can't find the pound sign on my keyboard I have no idea where it is ) and that will include 3 hanks of sock yarn 1 hank sent out the second week of the months of april may and june.

how much wool

poor hubby's face was great when 25 more kilos of wool found its way into his space yesterday, lol. I will add pictures as soon as I get a chicken poxed baby to sleep later

Sunday, March 04, 2007

lunar eclipse

usually the weather up here is terrible so sights like this are a true rarity, and to top it all off I actually managed to stay awake to see it.

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sights like this never fail to impress me

Saturday, March 03, 2007

bad knitter

I have been a very lazy knitter lately I am knitting a pair of walking socks out of artisan alpaca hummingbird, as I am walking the 7 parks walk, 13 miles around Preston on the 25th of March, In aid of our maternity hospitals baby beat appeal, but apart from that my needles are quite quiet.

I do have big news on the dyeing front but that must remain a secret untill I can scream about it.