Tuesday, March 20, 2007

allotment dreams

it is that time of year again when I get all vegged out, I spend my days wondering what I can grow this year at the allotment, how can I win the war against the demon rabbits and slugs. The boys are very interested this year and insist on throwing seeds all over the place and whilst my back was turned they dug up my freshly moved strawberry plants.

I have just bought 2 new blackcurrant bushes and another goosegog bush. I will take my camera down next time and show all how pretty it is looking especially as now my shed is the right way around again ( it suffered considerably in the bad winds a few weeks ago and landed on its roof )

Knitting is painfully slow, I must finish my dk alpaca socks for Sunday, the shawl has increased 1 full row.
I have however just spent a long time winding 2kgs of wool into balls for a good friend.

my mind is also turning to woolfest more and more, the plan is to dye 25 kilos I am about 6 down now, I just don't know where time goes.

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