Sunday, June 03, 2007

26 days untill Woolfest

the title says it all really, only 26 days to go.

I have been dyeing and making up crochet kits today, each kit will contain 250g of aran BFL wool in 5 colours which is more than enough to make a crochet blanket measuring 60x60cm or you could knit a lovely blanket with it. I also started on my new Alpaca/BFL sock yarn which is just so lovely. I am getting really quite excited about it now.

I am half way through the Club yarns now aswell so they will be sent out next monday.


G. said...

nice blog!

see u,

Christina said...

the kits look great, chrissy. Looking forward to seeing my June club yarn!!

gilraen said...

I agree the kits look fab! :)

Good Luck for Woolfest Chrissy! :)

Aknita said...

The kit looks lovely. I am looking forward to Woolfest very much.

Great Secret Santa present too :-)