Monday, June 11, 2007

15 days

only 15 days untill I head up to the lakes, my front room is looking more like a yarn shop, with baskets all over the place not including the boxes full aswell. I have all my stand sorted out, I bought all the covers yesterday and some really beautiful fabric.

These next two weeks are going to fly by.


Anonymous said...

Ooh to rummage through those baskets, sheer heaven!

Spinayarn said...

Roll on Woolfest. Is it 15 sleeps now????

I am so looking forward to this : )

Christina said...

oo, lovely looking yarns too. I'm still trying to get DH to take the weekend off so we can come up with the kids!! I like the buckets, could do with more of those here myself.

gilraen said...

I'll take them all ;) :)

I'm sorry I'll miss this. I hope you have a lovely time. Maybe another year. :)

Anni said...

I wish I was going.