Wednesday, April 25, 2007

woolfest wobbles

I am having major woolfest wobbles, panicking that I am not good enough to do it or that nobody will want to buy my yarns, it hasn't helped that I have seen the list of those there and there is some pretty impressive names in the hand dyeing market, fyberspates and the natural dye studio just to name a couple.

I am still not too sure how to lay out my stall, and still only dyed half of what I want to.

Then in the same breath I look at what I have dyed and I am so proud of them I practically beam. I think it is just the unknown and once I am there I will be fine.

Knitting has taken a back burner as I am spending all my spare time dyeing. The club yarns are ready for dyeing next week and sending out the week after, completely different to last months and that is just the way I wanted it.

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