Tuesday, April 03, 2007

get knitted

finally I can shout about it. if you look down the left hand bar you will see where all that laceweight went. I am so thrilled about it, it feels great to see it in what I see as the best yarn shop in the country. I am hoping now that I can convince the hubby that we need to stop off in Bristol on route to Cornwall in May, just so I can see it sitting there on display.

This months club yarn is all dyed and is drying, I am just glad I dyed one for myself. It is my 9th wedding anniversary this week so I used my wedding flowers as inspiration, they will be posted out either saturday or next tuesday.

We made our Easter Bonnet yesterday for the easter fair on the park next monday, we always go rolling our eggs, they did 90% of it themselves I just did the stapelling. I highly doubt they will win any prizes but for a 3 and 2 year old I think it is fab.
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gilraen said...

He looks so cute! My 2 year old has been waving to him. He likes the digger even more than the hat which definitely deserves a prize ;)

Congrats on GK. You serve it and then so. I'm looking forward to the club yarn even more now! :)

Christina said...

congrats on getting your stuff sold at GK. It looks gorgeous. I'm really looking forward to the first sock installment!! And am now wondering what colour your wedding flowers were ;) DS looks very cute.

Anni said...

Well done on GK. Hope they have some left when Igo. hoping to go at the end of May. Where in cornwall are you going on holiday? if you're anywhere near south eas cornwal, let me know and we can meet up for some knitting. And the Easter bonnet is so cute as is the wearer.

jadeandchrissy said...

we are staying in Par Sands near st austell, I don't know if that is near you, it would be great to meet up