Thursday, April 12, 2007

the net is a lovely place

The very lovely Joy
sent me this the other day as a thankyou for lending her some addis so she could try out the socks on 2 circs method. I have met some really lovely people from the internet and I am always amazed by how nice and generous they are.

Due to popular demand I have had to reopen the sock club. It will not be with BFL yarns but with normal sock yarn of 75% wool and 25% polyamide. It will run along side the BFl club and will have the same colours dyed. the price will be £27 for a UK membership and £32 for orders going abroad.

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I recieved a custom dye order today, somebody is taking part in the Harry Potter sock swap and their partner is in Gryffindor so she asked me to do the house colours, the yarn will knit up in stripes of about 5 - 6 stitches wide. I loved dyeing this and look forward to the pictures of it knit up.


gilraen said...

Oh I love the Harry Potter yarn!!! Chrissy you are so clever. :)

Nice parrot! :)

Anni said...

Wow, lovely yarn. I've not Harry Potter so not got a clue about he colours etc but do like the look of that yarn.

And I agree with your comments on online knitting friends. They're such a friendly bunch and I've made somany friends online too. And you're one of the generous ones Chrissy. Thank you so much for the yarn you donated for the Sockamania KAL. It's gorgeous and it's so generous of you. Thank you.

Aknita said...

Lovely Gryffindor yarn Chrissy!Lol Anni, you're the person who hasn't read Harry Potter then ;)