Tuesday, April 10, 2007

club yarn a go go

The first installment of the club yarn has left the building. I was quite sad to see them go. I really hope that they are loved by everyone as much as I love them, there is a little something in every parcel aswell.

I also recieved another 5 kilos of pure merino 4ply today that I can't wait to start playing with, but I need my new swift to arrive first as it all requires winding into hanks before I can play with it.


gilraen said...

Oh I'm so excited!! :D

I'll be stalking the postman :)

gilraen said...

You beauty! The yarn is scrumptious, the colour fabulous Chrissy and the little something so sweet. I posted pics on my blog with spoilers! :)

Yummmmmmmy :)

cloudberrynine said...

Hey! Just found your blog :) This morning I started my first sock ever with the gorgeous yarn I received this week, many thanks!