Tuesday, August 21, 2007

FibreFest and an award


so who is coming, I am really looking forward to this, it is not just a fibre festival there is a load of other events taking place at the same time, loads to do with the kids, swing boats and other rides, it looks like it will be a fun weekend.

The camping bit will be interesting, I am a seasoned camper, however I do appreciate the facilities at most campsites. This time we will have access to a tap and a toilet, and with my two darlings that can attract mud at 40 paces it is safe to say you could see them being bathed in a bucket outside the tent.

If you do make it please come and say hello.

CJ nominated me for this award for being a rocking girl blogger

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Thanks so much, now I need to nominate some others, so here goes

confessions of a yarn addict

because she is just that and I can't wait to meet her at Fibrefest

daily drivel
her yarnimals and cow pie makes her a true rocking girl

And Knitbert

I could read her tales all day, and she is truly a lovely person in the flesh aswell


Knitbert said...

Thank you for my award, that's so cool! And what a gorgeous pink button too...

gilraen said...

Have a lovely time at Fibrefest!

Congrats on the award too :)

Lindsay said...

Congrats on the award, see you in Devon next week

Anni said...

Thank you Chrissy. Someone else nominated me too a few weeks ago and I completely for got to do anythign about it. I better sort out what I've got to do. And who to nominate. Exciting. And it was great meeting you. And your yarn was gorgeous. I'm hoping you'll be there again next year and that the portaloos won't put you off. LOL. I only used them once and that was enoug hfor me.

Anni said...

Lol. The other nomitation was you. LOL. I didn't recognise your blogger user name. I just went to look it up and though, who on earth is this Miss Mandy...... and then realised it was you. I'm off to put the award up on my blog.