Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The wanderer returns

Well after the most fabulous holiday I am back into the swing of things.

Cornwall was fantastic. We stopped at Get Knitted on the way down and that was a real treat, though they had lost the keys so we had to wait for over and hour and a half whilst they drove some all the way from Heathrow to Bristol. It was lovely seeing my laceweight on display, I felt all proud.

this is where we stopped in Par Sands, a great caravan site and really quiet at that time of year

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there was a really nice cliff walk to the next bay along in Polperris where they served the best dinners

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the gratuitious eden project shot

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one of the very few shots I actually like of myself, probably because I am hidden by the boys

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And finally something I never thought would happen in a million years as I am terrified of them

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of course though now I am on the final lap for woolfest only three weeks left, but I have a load more yarn coming in, including a very special BFL Alpaca mix sock yarn which is so beautiful, but will promise only to keep a few hanks for myself


Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful and brings back happy memories, (we go camping in
Cornwall every other year) the weather stayed kind too. Not sure I could sit with an eight legged friend on my hand, must have taken alot of bottle ;)
Hope I haven't made you too busy with Gryffindor yarn by the way. They turned out beautifully, thanks!

gilraen said...

Brilliant photos Chrissy. Good Luck for Woolfest. I wish I could get but it's too far. Maybe again.......... :)

Don't keep all that new yarn, at least not until we have had a wee looksie :)

Christina said...

aaaaahhh - no way - I hate spiders!!! Lovely photos and it sounds a great holiday.

Put a Sock in it said...

Nice pics. Looks as though you had a great time, but you can keep that creepy crawly all to yourself! *shudder*

Did you manage to make any progress on your Creatures shawl? Mine's coming along very slowly. I'm really enjoying it, but socks keep getting in the way! :D

jadeandchrissy said...

I managed 1 full row of the shawl, lol so much for getting it done for woolfest, I got very distracted by a crochet blanket and of course more socks. i will get there with it just not untill after woolfest now