Wednesday, February 21, 2007

back in the land of the living AGAIN

no sooner had I recovered from the wisdom tooth episode I have been wiped out by a horrible viral bug thing really knocked me off my feet. I have recovered from that and now I have the cold that almost everybody in the country has got.

on top of that my dear son Sam has chicken pox and looks like this

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good old chicken pox, as you can see he is quite pleased with hisself and is showing everybody he can that he has loads of spots.

one of the lovely ladies on the forum has started making the most beautiful stitch markers and these arrived today
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they are the most beautiful stitch markers I have ever seen, hopefully she is setting up an etsy shop and i will post as soon as she does but be ware she is being hounded for business.

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Anni said...

Poor little thing. I remember when m ygirls had chicken pox. They don't seem to suffer as badly when they're younger though. And it's good he has it as a child and not an adult. My husband got it when the girls were ill and he was awful. Off work for 3 weeks and looked like a meatball. Thought he'd be scared for life and the girls were frightened of him. He looked like a monster. Hope your son gets better soon. And love the stitch markers . I've ordered some too.